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Indoor CO2 Monitor
This product indoor CO2 monitor can monitor CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in real time, and provide simply LED indication and sound alarm function according to CO2 concentration.
Carbon dioxide Monitor( CO2 monitor or CO2 meter) is widely used in home, office, factory, workshop, green house, clean room industry and agriculture, wine bar, hotel, hospital, shop market, airport, railway station, entertainment hall and theater etc.

1.Measure CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, smiley LED indication
2.Super large screen simultaneously display and log CO2 level, temperature (°C/°F), relative humidity, calendar and time
3.Warning Carbon Dioxide Concentration
4.Stable NDIR sensor for CO2 concentration-Desktop Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor
5.Thermostat with Data Logger
6.High and low threshold setting
7.Backlight function
8.Record Max and Min reading
9.Long time drift compensation
10.USB rechargeable plug

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