Data logger
Find .csv file

All TCF gas detector/monitor with datalogging function will record the measured data in a .csv file stored in the U disc of the device. Connect the device with the computer using the provided USB cable, find the .csv file and upload it to Data Analysis Chart for data review and analysis.

Data analysis chart

Step1: Interface Introduction

First, click the link , then you will see a CO2 chart interface. When the interface is first opened, it will display the demo data. On the right side of the menu bar, you can read the instructions and set your language. In the switching area on the left, you can switch between different items. The graph area includes numerical trend graph, maximum and minimum values with corresponding time, four function icons and zoom axis.

Zoom Axis

The zoom axis is a great helper in viewing and analyzing data. It condenses the time points of all recorded data on one axis, which can not only zoom out to see the trend of the data, but also zoom in to see the fragments of them. Meanwhile, you can drag and drop to observe the changes of values within a certain interval.

Four function icons

is used to zoom in a certain area. is for withdrawing partial zooming in command, is to revert to the full axis state of the axis, and is for saving the current graph trend as a picture.

Step2: Upload file

Click the “Upload File” icon in the menu bar, select the .csv file from the device U disc and then click “Open” to finish uploading. At this point, your real data trend is shown in the chart, and the ID in menu bar shows the name of the uploaded file. Click the right side of the menu bar, you can switch among minutes, hours, days, months, and years to see corresponding data trends.